Fahima Alnablsi studied of Politics and Economy at Damascus University in Syria. She is leaving in Sweden since 20 years and teaching Swedish at Womens Center Tensta. 

Abimbola Odugbesan is a refugee from Nigeria, a teacher of Social Study and English language. He had two years working experience as teacher in Nigeria.

Salah Zater is a journalist from Libya. He was working as a reporter for Al-Aseema TV and Al-Nabaa news channels. He is fighting for peace, freedom of speech and human rights.

Bridget Fonkeu is a member of the management team for the Silent University Ruhr in Mulheim, Germany. Immigrated as a refugee from Cameroon in 1998. She made her M.A. in English Linguistics at Ruhr University Bochum/ Germany. Currently she is scientific academic at Technische Universitat Dortmund. She has four adult children.

Alain-Aime Hatungimana was born in Bujumbura (Burundi), holds a Master in Technical Sciences and was working as electrical ingenieur and as a technician in Burundi and Ukraine.

Justin Fonkeu is a member of the management team for the Silent University Ruhr in Mulheim, Germany. Immigrated from Cameroon with his wife Bridget Fonkeu in 1998, Diploma as Pharmaceutical Technician, Student of political science, active member of the Green party in Mulheim an der Ruhr. In 2014 he founded the registered association “Afro Mulheimers” to bring together and empower immigrants from Africa.

Albaraa Sharaf Eddein is a dentist from Syria. Lecture on historical and current health care in Syria.

Asuquo Udo is a refugee from Nigeria. He worked as a journalist for two years and reported on environmental and political issues. With a focus on Niger Delta to report to Nigerian society and beyond. Udo is the initiator of and a speaker for the group Lampedusa in Hamburg. 

Augustina Nyarko, studied psychology in the university  of Ghana, who has been in Germany just for three years was a certified nurse in Ghana. She is also a singer and a fashion enthusiast. She shared her experiences on how creativity in business can help the growth of new business initiatives. Lecture: Exchange of business strategies

Behnam Al Agzeer is a Calligrapher from Mosul, Iraq. He graduated from the Institute of Teacher Education and worked as deputy headmaster and then headmaster of the School of Syrian Catholics in Mosul.

Dr. Amrou Al-Mhaini is from Syria 32 years old, he lives in Germany for about two years graduated from Egypt in 2013, one year experienced in Dubai Health Authority. Course Topic: Cardio pulmonary resuscitation The topic was about CPR one of the Emergencies procedure in ER department, With a small statistic study and the prognosis

Nazar Pola is a Doctor from Mosul, Iraq. He graduated from The College of Medicine University of Baghdad.

Esther Samson Ukaria studied International relations & Strategic studies at Igbinedion university in Nigeria and she is a writer, motivational speaker and commercial assistant will use her knowledge in business to give a few tips on starting as mall scale business.

Abdulrazaq Alzuhayri was a pharmacist in Iraq, is trained in alternative medicine and works as a health consultant. From 1976-2002 he was a selfemployed construction engineer in Iraq. Current occupation: lecturer as nutrition advisor

Abbas Memariam came from Iran to Hattingen in 2014 with his family. In Silent University Ruhr he had reported on his 24 years lasting work and experiences in an iranian postoffice. Furthermore he has a bachelor in accountancy and working experiences as painter and musician.

Kurosh Dadgar is from Iran. He studied in Iran and holds a Masters Degree of Art in Islamic Sciences and Penal Law. He worked in TV Production for 13 years as an art expert. He has been in Greece the last 7 years.

Mohammad Hlabia was born in Syria where he lived until 2013. He graduated from the Technical University of Aleppo with a degree from the Department of Computer Science. He lived in Turkey and worked as a tailor for 3 years and arrived in Greece in February.

Mulugeta Fikadu was born in Eritrea and from an early age he moved to Cuba and grew up there. He has a degree in physiotherapy, especialist in T.S.D and veterinari Universidad de siencias medica de Santiago de cuba. 

Murdoch MacCunningham with a dual German-Togolese Nationality who is one of established team at the Skatch Team and work at a finance service will speak on finance education.

Noory Fakhry (Rebwar) is an Asylum Seeker from Iranian Kurdistan. He received his master degree on International Human Rights at Lund University  

Okba Hazeem has graduated from the Media faculty in Damascus with a big passion for filmmaking. Since 2006 Okba has worked as a freelancer with major companies in Syria). He has edit many Projects and short Films as a director in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Germany.

Omar Mohamad, born in 1989, Aleppo in Syria, (Bachelor of Economics) is a member of the management team for the Silent University Ruhr in Mulheim, Germany, and an occupational trainee in the field of event management for three years in The Ringlokschuppen Ruhr, centre for contemporary culture in Germany.

Rachid Garnaoui is a psychologist from Morocco. In Germany he additionally graduated from social work. He is founder of an intercultural social care service for families.

Sherko Jahani is a political refugee from Mahabad, Iranian Kurdistan. He is a journalist, writer, human rights activist, Kurdish Language Teacher and photographer.

X. A. is an Asylum Seeker from Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China. She studied at Xinjiang Agricultural University Urumqi.

Hanif Hidarnejad is a psychosocial counselor in the field of asylum, migration and human rights work as well as a social worker from Kermanshah/Iran. In 1994 he fled to Germany where he lives as a recognized asylum-seeker.

Ismail Mosa a Somalian based in Hamburg is a professional of Sustainability management at Local and International level. He studied Sustainability management at Leuphana University in Luneburg, Germany.

Ricardo-Osvaldo Alvarado is a sociologist and history teacher. He was born in Chile and was politically active under the Allende government. He was imprisoned for four years after the Chilean coup d etat, and was deported to Sweden in 1977. He has been living in Stockholm since. Alvarado renewed his degree in sociology at Stockholm University and has held work at the municipal office for more than two decades. Ricardo-Osvaldo Alvarado has worked both locally and in the region, as a project manager/coordinator with several programs concerning renewal, participation and promoting democracy. In recent years, Alvarado has focused on issues of social economy and he has started several social businesses. Today he is CEO of XpandiaVision which is a social enterprise in Jarva. Alvarado lectures at national and international events on issues concerning marginalized areas, inclusion, social economy and local development.

Uvindu Kurukulasuriya is a Sri Lankan journalist living in exile. He is also a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science.