• miguel_su

    The history of food preparation through the visual arts

    Lecturer: Miguel Teixeira     City: London

    This course look at how class structures are connected with the history of preparing food. It will explore historical paintings through to contemporary examples of the way food is represented in art and how that reflects on the people that are portrait. Portuguese: English:  

  • geraldine

    Outside of asylum

    Lecturer: Geraldine Takundwa     City: London

    Why do some people not seek asylum, even though they are in need of it? This course will look at Individual cases of people who choose to live outside of asylum, and their strategies of survival.

  • mulugeta_perfm1

    Sexually transmitted diseases & the history of HIV

    Lecturer: Mulugeta Fikadu     City: London

    Enfermedades de transmision sexsuales y la historya de VIH(sida). sexually transmitted diseases & the history of HIV Que es la enfermedades de transmicion sexsual, y su cuencecuencia, Tratamientos y la historia de VIH. Como podemos perevenirlo. ENFERMEDADES_DE_TRANSMISION_SEXUAL (1)        

  • b.n._photo

    Consultation process before Surgery

    Lecturer: B. N.     City: London

    Consultation process before Surgery Consultation process before Surgery : Procedure de la consultation medical Cette lesson explique le processus d’accueillir et preparer le patient avant de voir le docteur. download pdf: B.N.Course

  • b.k.

    Cash Book for good accounting

    Lecturer: B. K.     City: London

    Comment tenir le livre de caisse pour avoir un bonne comptabilite. Au courant de la journee une bonne caisier doit bien tenir la caisse par faire entrer les recettes et sortir les depenses. Tu peux etre affronter par un probleme par exemple  payer un bon a payer il faut le tenir tel quel  et non Register to read more »

  • The_Silent_University_Dr_Nazar_Polo

    What is Health?

    Lecturer: Dr. Nazar Pola     City: London

    This course will unpick our understanding of health, engaging with all aspect of a person’s life. In addition to Medical Health, it includes Environmental Health, Nutritional Health, Social Health and Occupational Health. What is Health? Dr. Nazar Pola Health is a state of complete physical and mental and social well being not merely the absence Register to read more »

  • behnam_3

    Ten types of Arabic calligraphy

    Lecturer: Behnam Al-Agzeer     City: London

    This course look at the ten types of Arabic calligraphy, through visual examples and through practical work. These are Al-Rache, Duwaine, Farsiane, Nash, Al-Thlith, Al-Turah, Al-Murabah, Al-Kadime, Al-Deriahe and  Al-Kofiae. All presented in a variety of Arabic calligraphy scripts with gold and carefully selected colour combinations. (in Arabic) Behnam Al-Agzeer was born in Mosul and graduated from Register to read more »