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Ricardo-Osvaldo Alvarado

Ricardo-Osvaldo Alvarado is a sociologist and history teacher. He was born in Chile and was politically active under the Allende government. He was imprisoned for four years after the Chilean coup d’état, and was deported to Sweden in 1977. He has been living in Stockholm since. Alvarado renewed his degree in sociology at Stockholm University and has held work at the municipal office for more than two decades. Ricardo-Osvaldo Alvarado has worked both locally and in the region, as a project manager/coordinator with several programs concerning renewal, participation and promoting democracy. In recent years, Alvarado has focused on issues of social economy and he has started several social businesses. Today he is CEO of XpandiaVision which is a social enterprise in Järva. Alvarado lectures at national and international events on issues concerning marginalized areas, inclusion, social economy and local development.