• Babak_web

    Babak Parham

    Babak Parham, from  Tehran, Iran, studied Master of Arts (M.A.), Film & Media Production at Lund University and Master of Science (M.Sc.), Project Management & Operational Development at Kungliga tekniska högskolan / KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Industrial Engineering at University of science and Technology. He lives in Stockholm. He has been working as a Production Assistant at Story AB.




  • Baharan_web

    Baharan Kazemi

    Baharan Kazemi, studied creative writing at Malmö Högskola, Sweden. She is secretary of FARR, the National Council of Refugee Groups, lives in Stockholm.






  • Silent University

    Bridget Ngencho Fonkeu

    Bridget Fonkeu, is amember of the management team for the Silent University Ruhr in Mülheim, Germany. Immigrated as a refugee from Cameroon in 1998. She made her M.A. in English Linguistics at Ruhr University Bochum/ Germany. Currently she is scientific academic at Technische Universität Dortmund. She has four adult children.

    Lecture at Silent University Ruhr: Identity (Re-) construction of the immigrant woman in the German Diaspora



  • Carlos_Cruz

    Carlos Cruz

    Carlos Cruz is a Learning Organizer at the United Migrant Education Project, London.


  • Ali Fathi

    Dr. Ali Fathi

    Dr. Ali Fathi is working as a systemic coach in Hamburg. In Iran he was a lecturer teaching law and politics. In Germany he did a PhD in communication sciences, journalism, sociology and politic at FU Berlin. He is co-founder of „Vereins Iranischer Flüchtlinge e.V.“ in Berlin, he worked for „SOS Rassismus Berlin e.V.“ and as manager for „Bund gegen ethnische Diskriminierungen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland“.


  • E_B
  • Francesco_Ponzo

    Francesco Ponzo

    Francesco Ponzo is a Tour Guide and Art Critic of the organization “Londra Culturale”; London.



    Hanif Hidarnejad

    Hanif Hidarnejad is a psychosocial counselor in the field of asylum, migration and human rights work as well as a social worker from Kermanshah/Iran. In 1994 he fled to Germany where he lives as a recognized asylum-seeker.PP Verlorene Ressourcen, verlorene Chancen


  • Mosa_Ismail

    Ismail Mosa

    Ismail Mosa a Somalian based in Hamburg is a professional of Sustainability management at Local and International level. He studied Sustainability management at Leuphana University in Lüneburg, Germany.


  • Silent University

    Justin Fonkeu-Nkwadi

    Justin Fonkeu, is a member of the management team for the Silent University Ruhr in Mülheim, Germany. Immigrated from Cameroon with his wife Bridget Fonkeu in 1998, Diploma as Pharmaceutical Technician, Student of political science, active member of the Green party in Mülheim an der Ruhr. In 2014 he founded the registered association “Afro- Mülheimers” to bring together and empower immigrants from Africa.

    His engagement focuses on political participation of migrants and refugees in the German system. (Lectures and seminars)

    Integrationsrat Presentation 28.04.2017

    Contact: / +49 15211 442020

    Leineweberstraße 15, 17 / 45468 Mülheim an der Ruhr / Germany


  • Lawen Mohtadi photo web

    Lawen Mohtadi

    Lawen Mohtadi is a free-lance journalist, critic and columnist for the Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter. She is the author of Den dag jag blir fri, the first book on Swedish-Romani writer and civil rights activist Katarina Taikon.


  • Paran_TSU

    Paran Pour

    Paran Pour studied communication design at the Folkwanghochschule Essen and digital media at the Academy of Fine Arts Berlin and Vienna. Among other interdisciplinary collaborations, she founded hartmut, an off-space project located in a series of empty buildings. Her work deals mostly with urban transformation processes and socio-cultural phenomena, focusing on architecture as a representation.


  • Ricardo-Osvaldo Alvarado photo web

    Ricardo-Osvaldo Alvarado

    Ricardo-Osvaldo Alvarado is a sociologist and history teacher. He was born in Chile and was politically active under the Allende government. He was imprisoned for four years after the Chilean coup d’état, and was deported to Sweden in 1977. He has been living in Stockholm since. Alvarado renewed his degree in sociology at Stockholm University and has held work at the municipal office for more than two decades. Ricardo-Osvaldo Alvarado has worked both locally and in the region, as a project manager/coordinator with several programs concerning renewal, participation and promoting democracy. In recent years, Alvarado has focused on issues of social economy and he has started several social businesses. Today he is CEO of XpandiaVision which is a social enterprise in Järva. Alvarado lectures at national and international events on issues concerning marginalized areas, inclusion, social economy and local development.


  • Shahram Khosravi photo web

    Shahram Khosravi

    Shahram Khosravi is Associate Professor at Stockholm University and the author of two books: Young and Defiant in Tehran, University of Pennsylvania Press (2008) and The Illegal Traveler: an auto-ethnography of borders, Palgrave (2010). He has been an active writer in the Swedish press and also written fictions; ‘Round Trip to Ithaca’ in Exiled Ink! Magazine (2011) and ‘The Persian Escort’ in Collective Exile (2013).


  • Ayhan-1

    Taşdemir Ayhan

    Ayhan Taşdemir is working as a social education worker at Stadtteilschule am Hafen in Hamburg and he is currently completing his PhD studies in Education Studies at Hamburg University.


  • Trifa Shakely photo web

    Trifa Shakely

    Trifa Shakely is a writer and lecturer with degrees in law and social work. At the moment she is based in Gothenburg, working with issues concerning domestic violence. Trifa Shakely is the initiator of ‘Ain’t I a Woman’, a campaign for the rights of undocumented immigrant women.


  • U_K

    Uvindu Kurukulasuriya

    Uvindu Kurukulasuriya is a Sri Lankan journalist living in exile. He is also a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science.