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    Silent University Screening Program

    Silent University Screening Program McAulay Screening Room, Tate Modern 7 November – 30 November 2012 Open during Gallery opening hours The screening room features artists’ film and audio works that engage with the key themes of the project. Including: Katarina Zdjelar, Shoum (2009) Antonio Vega Macotela, A Platoon (2011) Nicoline van Harskamp, The New Latin (2010) Berat Işık, Where Register to read more »

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    Events Programme 2012

    The Silent University will be inaugurated at Tate Modern with a series of events in November and December 2012. 26 November / 28 November / 3 December 2012 Silent Courses and Discussion 18:30 – 20:00 at Tate Modern BOOK TICKETS (FREE) Join Silent University lecturers for a series of courses ‘in silence’ based on expertise and Register to read more »

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    When Adhocracy Meets Education

    Where should we begin when we talk about alternative education? Historically speaking, we can follow several routes for example focusing on artist led initiatives.  One could start in the 1930s withBlack Mountain College, founded in North Carolina that lasted for 24 years. Then connect it to the 1970s The Free International University (FIU), founded in Düsseldorf by Joseph Beuys together with Register to read more »

  • lawrence

    Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s visit to the Silent University

    Last summer Lawrence Abu Hamdan did a workshop at the Silent University on Harold Pinter’s political play ‘Mountain Language’. Originally written in 1988, this play was constructed as an indictment against the bans and regulations enforced upon speech during Margaret Thatcher’s Britain but is relevant to any situation in which such audio surveillance, fundamental tool of Register to read more »

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    The curious case of Silence

    According to the dictionary Silence means: complete absence of sound; avoiding discussing something; the state of standing still and not speaking as a sign of respect for someone and prohibit or prevent from speaking. If we also look at the meaning of Silent, it means not making or accompanied by any sound; not expressed aloud; without an accompanying soundtrack; saying or recording nothing Register to read more »