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    Creative Time Summit, Stockholm

    In a collaboration between the New York City-based Creative Time and Public Art Agency Sweden, the 2014 Creative Time Summit took place in Stockholm. Summit: Stockholm—the first iteration of the annual conference took place outside of New York—focused on expanded public practice, investigating uses and potentialities of art in the public sphere, with a focus Register to read more »

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    Interview – Carlos Cruz

    Interview – Carlos Cruz, Consultant at the Silent University and Learning Organizer at the United Migrant Education Project, London; during Visible Award Ceremony at Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford

  • Kurdish Refugee (17)

    Silent University Stockholm Lecturers at The Secession Vienna

    Silent University Stockholm Lecturers Sherko Jahani Asl and Noory Fakhry participating “Part of Utopian Pulse – Flares in the Darkroom”, at The Secession in Vienna. Salon Fluchthilfe Part of Utopian Pulse – Flares in the Darkroom, The Secession, Vienna, October 1-7, 2014 Curated by Zanny Begg. With: Barat Ali Batoor, The Silent University, Katarzyna Winiecka, Register to read more »

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    Silent University Meeting at the Delfina Foundation

    On Monday August 11th, the Silent University Lecturers and Consultants will meet with invited registered Users at the Delfina Foundation to plan future activities of exchanging knowledge and labor. So far around 500 users (students) has been registered to Silent University’s website. They loaned more than 1000 hours in total. They are now part of Silent University and Register to read more »

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    Summer School in Montreuil

    THE SILENT UNIVERSITY SUMMER SCHOOL 10 -11 Juillet 2014 (scroll down for English version) (FR) Nous sommes heureux de vous accueillir à deux séances estivales de ‘THE SILENT UNIVERSITY’,  projet en résidence permanente au 116 : Jeudi 10 juillet, à 19 heures à la Bibliothèque Robert Desnos : Aux frontières de l’Europe – Les Roms et la politique des Register to read more »

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    Events at University of Oxford and The Showroom

    The Silent University Visible Award Ceremony 20–21 May 2014 Tuesday 20 May, 3–7:30pm Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford 3 Mansfield Rd Oxford OX1 3TB Wednesday 21 May, 6–9:30pm The Showroom 63 Penfold St London NW8 8PQ On 14 December 2013 the second edition of the Visible Award—the first European prize to produce and sustain socially Register to read more »

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    Maya Mikelsone (Silent University, Paris) is at TRIAL MODE for OPEN MODES GRAZ

    PROGRAMME PROBEBETRIEB 01 TRIAL MODE 01 28 – 30 March 2014 An open platform dealing with the subject of art education/instruction; three days of intensive collaboration, presentations, workshops, experimental formats and discussions; new forms of (artistic) knowledge transfer, which is to be offered in Graz and Styria. There have been plans for an art academy Register to read more »

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    Arabic translation of Emily Fahlén’s text on Silent University

    الجامعة الصامتة        تأسست الجامعة الصامتة عام 2012 في لندن من قبل الفنان أحمد أوغوت . وهي موجهة بالدرجة الاولى لطالبي اللجوء واللاجئين الاكاديميين الذين لديهم خلفية مهنية في بللادهم وتواجههم صعوبات الاستفادة من دراساتهم الجامعية وخبراتهم العملية والعلمية في بلاد المهجر. كما تهتم الجامعة بالمهاجرين الذين تم استبعادهم من بلادهم بسبب  الاوضاع الاجتماعية والسياسية Register to read more »

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    The Silent University – Montreuil Meeting

    The Silent University – Montreuil Meeting Le 116 Centre for Contemporary Arts, Montreuil, East of Paris, France On 20 February, 2014, at 7 p.m. The Library of Montreuil Speakers: Uvindu Kurukulasuriya (Silent University London Consultant), Emily Fahlén (Silent University Tensta Coordinator) Maya Mikelsone (Silent University Montreuil Coordinator) Ahmet Öğüt (Initiator of the Silent University) On Register to read more »

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    Silent University’s Resource Room at Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm

    Silent University Resource Room, List of Publications and Documents;   Models of Learning   01 ML Radical Education Collective   02 ML The Independent Art School   03 ML The School of Missing Studies   04 ML Podesva, Kristina Lee: A Pedagogical Turn   05 ML The School of Global Art   06 ML Artificial Register to read more »