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    Art for Refugees in Transition

    Art for Refugees in Transition A.R.T. provides curriculum and training programs to engage both children and adults in refugee communities in visual, performing and creative arts drawn from their own cultures. These activities provide local and international relief institutions with tools to help refugee communities recover from the trauma, terror and dislocation of war. Mission Register to read more »

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    Refugee Protest Camp in Vienna

    Refugee Protest Camp in Vienna A collective on refugee rights and solidarity from Vienna. International Statement of Solidarity December 29, 2012 All our support and solidarity to the protest of migrants and asylum seekers in Vienna! The protest camp set up by asylumseekers in Vienna has been brutally evicted last night. It is part Register to read more »

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    DYNDY is an effort at building a Pattern Language for Alternative and Complementary Money Systemsto inform and empower grassroots communities withconcepts and tools to overcome scarcity, instruments and reflections for the Exodus from proprietary money. We are researchers and practitioners in the fields ofphilosophy of economics and technology, activists and hackers, developers and visionaries. We hope to share Register to read more »

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    The libbitcoin Community

    The libbitcoin Community libbitcoin is a community of developers building the open source library, tools and implementation necessary for a free, independent and vibrant Bitcoin. In this way we are helping to build a better future. libbitcoin believes in the revoltionary promise of Satoshi’s original protocol. The libbitcoin development project aims to create an extendable, scalable and Register to read more »

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    People’s United Nations

    The People’s United Nations (pUN) is an event and exhibition by Mexican artist Pedro Reyes. The event takes place November 23-24, 2013, and the exhibition runs from November 9, 2013-March 30, 2014. Pedro Reyes: The People’s United Nations (pUN) is a playful homage to the United Nations, inspired by the fact that the global body’s General Assembly met Register to read more »

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    Common Notions

    Common Notions is a publishing and programming project that aims to aid in a collective formulation of new directions for living autonomy in our everyday lives. As a publishing house, we seek to translate, produce, and circulate the tools of knowledge-production utilized in movement-building practices in an effort to generalize common notions about the creation of other worlds Register to read more »

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    Wij Zijn Hier – We Are Here

    We are WE ARE HERE, a group of refugees without papers, that want to make our problem visible. We moved from the tent camp at Notweg to the Vluchtkerk, than to the Vluchtflat in Slotervaart. Since the 3rd of October we are at the #Vluchtkantoor, in the heart of Amsterdam. Weteringschans 109 1017 SB Amsterdam near Leidseplein Register to read more »

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    Decolonizing Architecture Education, Mardin

    “Performative syllabus, active participatory design, radical discourses, decolonizing architectural methods”: Architecture Faculty – Mardin Artuklu University  is an experimental education based on design and critical social spatial practices in a Kurdish and Arabic spoken geography.  If the adjective “experimentialism” still makes sense for teaching architecture, though worn gradually, it can be argued that an experimental Register to read more »

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    Between Waiting and Hiding

    Between Waiting and Hiding a project by Ahmet ÖĞÜT Project Coordinator: Siri Baggerman Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam 1 – 17 November For the exhibition Chambres des Canaux: The Tolerant Home curated by Siebe Tettero and commissioned by Stichting Amsterdam 2013, celebrating 400 years since construction began on the Canal Ring, Ahmet Ögüt created an intervention at the Foundation Castrum Peregrini. Register to read more »

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    New World Academy

    New World Academy In establishing New World Academy (NWA), artist Jonas Staal and BAK conjoin their efforts to launch a new academy that invites political organizations invested in the progressive political project to share with artists and students their views on the role of art and culture in political struggles. Together, they engage in critical thinking through Register to read more »